Our Commitment

Donald Allan offers reliable legal advice and representation with your best interests in mind. He will use his knowledge of the law to maximize your lawful entitlement, and he will advise you on your rights and obligations so that you can carry out your legal duties in a knowledgeable and proficient manner.

Donald practices in several areas of the law, including:
  • Real Estate & Mortgages
  • Wills & Estates
  • Family Law
  • Corporate & Commercial Law
  • Mediation
  • Notary Services

Areas of Law

  • Real Estate: Whether you’re buying or selling, come and see Donald before you sign your contract and he will make sure you are protected. He can assist you with purchases, mortgages, sales, easements, subdivisions, rights of way and preparation of contracts of purchase and sale.
  • Wills and Estates: Donald provides services relating to your wills, powers of attorney, advance directives (living wills), representation agreements and committeeships, including advising you on your duties and obligations. If you are an executor or administrator, he can assist you in obtaining a grant of probate or letters of administration. If you have not been adequately provided for under a will, he can represent you in making a Wills Variation Act application to vary the will.
  • Family Law: When a relationship breaks down, the issues of property division, spousal support, child support, and parenting relationships must be addressed. Donald can assist you at this stressful time by advising you of your rights and obligations and advocating on your behalf. If you enter into a second marriage, he can help you identify possible issues and assist you in structuring a plan to deal with them. If you enter into a common law relationship, he can advise you as to your rights and obligations with respect to your new spouse and stepchildren, including potential property claims. If you are entering into a new relationship, similar legal issues may arise. Donald can assist you in developing a plan to deal with them.
  • Corporate and Commercial: Business transactions, whether simple or complex, can have significant legal and financial effects. Be protected – get legal advice. Donald can assist you with incorporations, partnership agreements, shareholder agreements, leases, reorganizations, commercial contracts and more.
  • Mediation: Separation is stressful enough without having to deal with a confrontational court process. Donald can facilitate settlement by a less adversarial process which seeks to enable the parties to structure an agreement that works for them by ensuring the interests of all parties are heard and acknowledged within the terms of settlement.

Useful Links

Supreme Court of Canada: www.scc-csc.gc.ca
B.C. Courts: www.courts.gov.bc.ca
B.C. Statutes: www.bclaws.ca
Government of B.C.: www.gov.bc.ca

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